Across the United States, travelers are often stuck in long lines at U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) immigration check points at U.S. international airports due to funding constraints. Hear directly from travelers about their entry experience and their call for increased resources to resolve this problem and make America a more attractive travel destination.



U.S. Travel Advocates for a Seamless
and Secure United States Entry Process

U.S. Travel and its members urge Congress and the Administration to make America's visitor entry process simpler and more efficient. More than 66 million international travelers visited the United States in 2012, contributing $128.6 billion to the U.S. economy and making travel the nation’s largest service export. International visitors create jobs and economic opportunity in communities across the United States. They spend billions staying at our hotels, eating in our restaurants, shopping in our stores, visiting our attractions and conducting business that supports the U.S. economy. But often-lengthy lines deter many from returning – and they’re telling other potential U.S. visitors to avoid trips here, too.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officers (CBP) are hardworking public servants who serve as the first line of defense in securing our borders, but they lack the resources necessary to address systemic problems with the current process.

The U.S. Travel Association is calling on Congress and the Administration to invest in several thousand new CBP officers and set reasonable metrics to assist in processing our nation’s guests. This critical step will help stem the inconsistent and inefficient entry that many travelers report and will help the U.S. realize billions in new traveler spending.


U.S. Entry: Gateway to Jobs & Growth

Gateway Report Cover
A new report examines the CBP entry process and its impact on the nation's economy. Twenty policy proposals to improve the travelers entry process are outlined, all aimed at helping America fully reap the benefits of securely and efficiently welcoming millions of travelers at our air ports of entry.

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Overseas Traveler Survey

Overseas Traveler Survey

  • “It was very quick. It’s the first time I had the machine [Automated Passport Control] you could scan your passport with.”
    - Amy S., Traveler From United States

Our Voice

More than 66 million international travelers visited the U.S. in 2012 and millions more are projected to visit in the years ahead. Let’s provide appropriate resources to prepare for the future and make the entry process efficient and welcoming for our nation’s customers.
Roger Dow,
President and CEO, U.S. Travel Association
“We need a more efficient entry process and more CBP staff to make this a reality at all points of entry into the U.S. When international travelers come to the U.S. –whether it’s for vacation, business or to visit family and friends – they should have a great experience. That starts from the moment they enter the U.S. at customs.”
Stephen Joyce,
President and CEO, Choice Hotels International
“We want our international guests to feel welcome from the first moment they enter the U.S. Our overseas entry process must be addressed now or we risk minimizing the important work that already has been done to promote U.S. travel.”
Christopher J. Nassetta,
President and CEO, Hilton Worldwide
“Improvements to our overseas entry would positively impact our overall economy by making it easier for international travelers to visit great destinations, like Las Vegas, to do business, attend conventions, and experience our unique city.”
Rossi Ralenkotter,
President & CEO, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority
“We leave a bad first impression if international travelers have to wait in long lines for Immigration and Customs after many hours of traveling from abroad. We need to take appropriate actions to make entry to our country efficient and welcoming.”
David Kong
CEO, Best Western International
“Despite impressive progress in the areas of travel promotion and visa processing, the current customs and entry process is a sticking point. Without more resources to welcome the growing number of foreign visitors, Customs and Border Protection will struggle to deliver the efficient and hospitable welcome that should be our American signature."
Arne Sorenson,
President and CEO, Marriott International, Inc.
"Florida welcomes more than 12 million international visitors annually, however, if we don’t roll out the welcome mat and facilitate speedy and safe service upon entry, we’ll lose visitors and their important economic contributions. Congress needs to increase CBP officials and improve wait times to facilitate travel to the U.S. -- and Florida."
Will Seccombe,
President and CEO, VISIT FLORIDA
“Let’s get overseas travelers out of long entry lines and into the businesses across America. This is a solvable problem, the answer is simple: add more resources and staff for those professionals currently serving America as the first welcome to the United States.”
Kirk Kinsell,
President of The Americas, InterContinental Hotels Group
"Our success in improving the visa process provides a model for action. Now we need to turn this same focused attention to the next barrier visitors to the U.S. face—an unwelcoming Customs process."
Jonathan Tisch,
Chairman, Loews Hotels

Projected Growth of International Visitation

Inbound Travel Forecast

More than 66 million international travelers visited the United States in 2012, contributing $128.6 billion to the U.S. economy. As America works to attract millions of additional visitors in coming years, we need to prepare to efficiently welcome them at entry points nationwide and get them on the road to experiencing America. International travelers are customers; it is time we treat them as such.


  • “Today was easy for me because I am global entry. But I saw for foreigners and if I didn’t have global entry it would probably take 45 minutes.”
    - Harjot S., Traveler From United States

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