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What Travelers are Saying about U.S. Airports

A Travelers’ POV

Once a symbol of technological achievement, luxury and world-class customer service, air travel in America is now often characterized by hassles and frustrations such as long security lines, crowded airports, unexpected delays and fewer choices and options. For many Americans, flying is now an excuse to stay at home, rather than a way to do business or see the world. We can, and must, do better.

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Travelers Share Their Story

We want to know what matters to you.

What would you say is the biggest hassle when it comes to flying? Do you fly less because flight delays, cancelations and other hassles make flying more trouble than its worth? Would you travel more if there were more improved airport facilities? What’s your message to those who have the power to modernize airports, reduce delays and improve the flying experience?

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Let’s Work Together to Modernize Air Travel

Air travel hassles have continued to grow due to deteriorating infrastructure, and many of our nation’s airports are headed towards a capacity crunch. Help us in our effort to make flying more efficient, modern and accessible for all Americans.
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