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Holiday Gift Guide: Airport Edition

As you’re checking your list twice, you realize you forgot to buy a gift for a family member! Rather than showing up empty handed, we’ve got you covered with our holiday gift guide. MORE

How to Take an Instagram Worthy Travel Photo

Jealous of the amazing travel photos you see on your Instagram feed? No worries, Travelers’ Voice executive director and Instagram whiz, Trey Bohn, is here to help! Follow these tips to take your travel photography to the next level. MORE

Your first holiday gift? A better travel experience.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) recently announced several changes that will be implemented in time for the busy holiday season. MORE

Travelers' Voice Statement on Domestic Airfare Prices

The fact is that while base ticket fares may be slightly down, airlines have been sopping up more and more revenue from things like checked bag and change fees. MORE

Travelers' Voice statement on the White House announcement of new airline rules

We are hopeful the White House passenger protections will be the catalyst for long term solutions travelers can depend on. MORE

In Pittsburgh? Here’s Where to Go!

Heading to Pittsburgh? Here’s where Jennifer Hawkins, executive director of sports development at VisitPITTSBURGH, recommends visiting during your stay. MORE

The ripple-effect of airline mergers

In just fourteen years, ten major U.S. airlines have merged into four, leaving travelers to deal with a long list of negative impacts. One of those is fewer flight options. MORE

Host Cities for Sporting Events: 7 Questions with an Expert

With the NFL season kicking off this week, Travelers’ Voice thought it’d be the perfect time to gain insight into the event planning and production process for professional sports leagues. We turned to Frank Supovitz, a former senior vice president of events for the NFL and owner of Fast Traffic Events & Entertainment, to learn more. MORE

In Queens for the US Open? Here’s Where to Go!

Tennis fans around the nation will be flocking to New York City’s largest borough, Queens, this week for the US Open. Here are insider tips on the best places in Queens for travelers to explore. MORE

4 Things To Consider When Planning a Trip to the Olympics

Does the hype of this summer’s Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro have you considering a future trip to the Olympics? Here are four tips to consider as you plan your trip of a lifetime. MORE

3 Ways TSA Is Tackling Long Security Delays

You’ve probably heard stories about – or experienced firsthand – the long security lines at the airport earlier this summer. While those delays seem to have dissipated for now, here’s a look at three ways TSA is ensuring that shorter lines are here to stay. MORE

In Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention? Here’s Where to Go!

Thousands are headed to Philly for the DNC, and commonly-known restaurants in the city are bound to be crowded. We asked the Philadelphia Convention & Visitor Bureau for insights on some of the best places for travelers. MORE

In Cleveland for the World Series? Here’s Where to Go!

With the influx of travelers headed to Cleveland for the World Series, restaurants, bars and shopping centers in the city are bound to be crowded. We asked Destination Cleveland’s Emily Lauer for insider tips on some of the best, unknown places for travelers to check out. MORE

How to Get Through Summer Airport Lines Quickly and Efficiently

Airports lines have been nightmarishly long this summer. Here are a few ways to avoid the summer travel rush and zip through airports. MORE

Which Airlines Offer the Best Wi-Fi?

Unplugging for an entire flight isn’t always feasible, especially if you’re a business traveler. We’ve mapped out the need-to-know on in-flight Wi-Fi. MORE

The Real Reason for Those Airline Add-On Fees

Remember when you would buy a plane ticket and everything was included in the airfare price? Now, airlines charge additional fees for everything from changing your reservation and checking bags to boarding your flight early and using in-flight WiFi. Here’s what you need to know about one reason for the escalation of airline add-on fees. MORE

Travelers' Voice Statement on Senators' Call for Airlines to Waive Baggage Fees This Summer

It’s refreshing to hear U.S. senators talking about two of travelers’ biggest bogeymen—checked-bag fees and long security lines. MORE

7 Types of Travel Companions Who Make Vacation Unforgettable

Traveling with friends, family or coworkers, everyone’s quirks tend to come out eventually. And while it may be difficult to adjust at times, each person ultimately has something to offer the group and the experience. MORE

Planning a Summer Road Trip? Check Out These 5 Iconic Routes

While for most trips the end destination is where all the excitement is, there are certain iconic road trips filled with history, pop culture and fun all along the drive. MORE

Travelers' Voice Statement on DOT Report Announcing Airline Industry's 2015 After-Tax Net Profits

The US Department of Transportation said today that the airlines made nearly $7 billion from baggage and reservation change fees in 2015. MORE

Poll Shows Travelers That Vote Want Airline Mergers, Airport Improvements and Fees Addressed

Results of this comprehensive national poll proves traveling electorate is concerned with airline consolidation and a deteriorating travel experience. MORE

Should I Get TSA PreCheck? Here’s Why You Should And How to Apply

With the summer travel season on the horizon, fliers will likely start to face longer security lines at airports across the country. What can you do to expedite the security process? Apply for TSA PreCheck. MORE

Could Travelers Be Getting More Legroom?

The Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill is making its way through the Senate, and it’s been called one of the most passenger-friendly FAA bills in a generation. MORE

Travelers' Voice Statement on FAA Reauthorization Bill

As the bill moves forward in the Senate and back to a House that has provided very little support for travelers in recent months, we remain resolved in our continued efforts to push for what travelers are demanding. MORE

What if we could finally fix air travel?

The Senate is shaping the FAA bill right now. So in the spirit of travel, let’s explore the elements of the bill that protect travelers and other policies that could help fix air travel. MORE

Merger Madness

In just fourteen years, ten major domestic airlines have merged into just four. See how this consolidation has led to a dramatic backwards transformation in air travel - and a tough season for travelers. MORE

Airline Fees You Need to Know About

Changes could be coming to airline fees - here is what you need to know. MORE

See how much air travel has changed in a decade

In just fourteen years, ten major domestic airlines have merged into just four––American, Delta, Southwest and United––and these four control 87% of the market. For most industries, progress means getting better. But for the airline industry, it's been the opposite. MORE

Statement on Airline Fare Increases

This week's airline fare increase reinforces what travelers already feel about the airlines: it's us versus them. More

Traveling with Gifts

Here’s a rundown of the airlines to book and those to avoid when flying with extra baggage. More

Avoid Handing Over Your Holiday Gifts to TSA

Whoever said “it is better to give than receive” never had to hand over a brand new gift to TSA on their post-holiday flight home. More

Flight Delayed? Know Your Options

Flight delays or cancellations can throw a wrench in travel plans. And, unfortunately, it happens more often than it should. More

Statement on DOJ Lawsuit to Block United Slot Sale at Newark Airport

On Tuesday, the Department of Justice (DOJ) blocked an attempt by United Airlines to take near-complete control of takeoff and landing slots at Newark Liberty Airport. More