Smart Travel

what would you change about travel?

At Travelers’ Voice, we believe that travel can be smarter, that the same spirit of innovation that put humans in flight can improve travel today––and that we can do it together. This section of Travelers’ Voice offers a place to explore the problems we associate with travel. With your involvement, we can advocate for smart travel policies that transform the travel landscape and allow travelers to be heard.

A New Generation of Airports

Any seasoned traveler can rattle off a list of airports to avoid. But what if travelers actually enjoyed their time at the airport? It’s time we institute ideas for modern amenities and efficient connections, and approach safety and security in a whole new way.

Fare Game

Booking travel in the U.S. shouldn’t feel like a game – and it certainly shouldn’t feel like travelers are losing. Year after year, mergers between major airlines make it increasingly difficult for travelers to reasonably and fairly get where they need to go. More competition means better prices and diverse options, but it takes a unified voice to remind airlines that the travel industry is us.

The Future Today

We have technology to improve our aviation system to keep traffic moving and offer a variety of choices, routes and destinations to make travel smarter, not harder. For travelers, that means fewer flight delays and cancellations, and flight paths driven by modern day travel trends.